#68 Btrfs support on CBS for building cloud images
Opened a year ago by ngompa. Modified a year ago

In order to build cloud images using Btrfs, we need a way for CBS builders to support Btrfs.

At this point, we don't have a btrfs-fuse option, so the only options are:

  • Using a different kernel with btrfs enabled (centosplus? hyperscale?)
  • Making a btrfs kmod package

What CBS builders run on and what modifications to the environment can be done will determine what we can do. @arrfab can probably tell us more about the CBS environment.

Metadata Update from @ngompa:
- Issue marked as blocking: #9

a year ago

CBS builders are running CentOS 8-stream.
As cloud image should be built as VM (how the centos images are built and also what koji supports), why would the kvm hypervisor/host need to support btrfs ?

Well, the VM it boots up would also need to be able to use Btrfs then. How would we guarantee that?

imagefactory/OZ (used to build images through koji) are deploying a VM from a kickstart, so if your kickstart point to your tree/repo, that has kernel that supports btrfs, it should just install the vm, right ?

Yeah, I suppose so. How do we use that, though?

https://docs.pagure.org/koji/image_build/#building-disk-images ?
Worth knowing that since we reinstalled to 8-stream, no image build was tested (ever) on cbs.centos.org, but that's how it's build on the distro koji instance for stream-8 and stream-9 (but stream-8 is still built on top of centos 7 through)

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