#969 Deploy new Openshift cluster in AWS for CI infra refresh
Closed: Fixed a year ago by arrfab. Opened a year ago by arrfab.

As announced some time ago on ci-users list we'll have to consider last remaining step for Duffy CI move to aws and it's openshift.

Working on a staging deployment was first step and ensuring that it would automatically create users/groups/projects from FAS/ACO and using EFS volumes in AWS.
Some last checks need to be done but after that we'll be able to deploy this production one and open it up for CI users

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status update: Started to work on needed items to be able to deploy the production cluster

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The production cluster is up and running and additional VPC/VPN tunnel created too.
It's syncing groups/projects from FAS/ACO automatically
We have dedicated AWS EFS storage for PersistentVolumes and we have already deployed some jenkins instances (with the cico-workspace label/template)

Last step before closing this ticket is now to just document that at the infra docs side and also in the SIG guide and then we can announce it on centos-devel and ci-users lists

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