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We want to set up a site for CentOS Connect (the Dojo rebrand) as part of our slow effort to get stuff off the wiki. We'd need a subdomain (connect.centos.org) and a space to host. Right now, this is literally just some static files. Down the line, we might be looking at a static site generator. It would be great to put the files in git so everybody can work on them, then auto-deploy on commit. No build necessary, just cp.

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While we don't see any problem at all to deploy quickly a VM/httpd/TLS cert for connect.centos.org, we'd like to be sure that it's done the correct way directly, instead of having to redo it again.
Can't you just use a mkdocs based git directory that would (as it's the process we use for existing SIGs docs) automatically render content ?
The group of people having access to git would be then easy to modify to automatically grant access to someone through SSO.

Example of SIGs doc based on mkdocs : https://sigs.centos.org/guide

This is the current site design: http://li1076-81.members.linode.com/

Maybe I can get mkdocs to output this, or something close enough to this. mkdocs isn't as configurable as, say, Jekyll, which is why we don't use it on non-docs sites right now. I don't have a whole lot of time right now to work on doing this with a site generator.

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16 days ago

https://connect.centos.org/ is now live
It's pulling from newly created https://git.centos.org/centos/connect git repository, and you're the owner so you can pull/commit/push back through ssh.
I tested with a simple index.html page that was pushed to git and it appeared on connect.centos.org

Waiting on feedback and then we'll close this ticket

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16 days ago

@shaunm : no feedback received here but I see that your git commit/push landed on https://connect.cenots.org so closing

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