#914 investigate mod_wsgi tuning for pagure (git.centos.org)
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we recently had some issues (slow behaviour) on git.centos.org and it seems related to mod_wsgi settings mostly using default values.

We have tuned the fedora side some, but I would be interested to hear how this turns out for you. ;)


@kevin : this is our default one but what I'll have to tune (but analyzing mod_wsgi options) : https://github.com/CentOS/ansible-role-pagure/blob/master/templates/httpd-pagure.conf.j2#L6

Clearly bumping number of processes to match cores number on the host and trying other options from https://modwsgi.readthedocs.io/en/master/configuration-directives/WSGIDaemonProcess.html?highlight=listen-backlog (as we hit that limit today)

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I read some settings and processes/threads seem to be the common one so just declared as dynamic variable (based on ansible fact and number of vcpus/cores but can be changed)

So it can also now be statically forced through ansible inventory at the group_vars/host_vars level instead of default values (keeping an eye through zabbix monitoring on the effect)

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