#62 Create c7, c8, and c8s 'buildtools' tags under the "infra" SIG
Closed: Fixed 7 months ago by arrfab. Opened 7 months ago by bstinson.

We'd like a buildtools repository that acts sort of like SIG repos. To do that we should create a key and the following tags in CBS:


These should have build permissions given to the sig-infra group from ACO.

/cc: @mohanboddu

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7 months ago

First part :

* Checking distribution el7 configuration...
 -> Checking infra config...
Creating user : infra
Creating tag  : infra7-buildtools-common-candidate
Creating tag  : infra7-buildtools-common-testing
Creating tag  : infra7-buildtools-common-release
 -> creating infra7-buildtools-common-el7
Added external repo centos7-cr to tag infra7-buildtools-common-el7-build (priority 5)
Added external repo centos7-extras to tag infra7-buildtools-common-el7-build (priority 10)
Added external repo centos7-updates to tag infra7-buildtools-common-el7-build (priority 15)
Added external repo centos7-os to tag infra7-buildtools-common-el7-build (priority 20)

 -> Checking infra config...
Creating tag  : infra8-buildtools-common-candidate
Creating tag  : infra8-buildtools-common-testing
Creating tag  : infra8-buildtools-common-release
 -> creating infra8-buildtools-common-el8
Added external repo centos8-cr to tag infra8-buildtools-common-el8-build (priority 5)
Added external repo centos8-extras to tag infra8-buildtools-common-el8-build (priority 10)
Added external repo centos8-powertools to tag infra8-buildtools-common-el8-build (priority 15)
Added external repo centos8-appstream to tag infra8-buildtools-common-el8-build (priority 20)
Added external repo centos8-baseos to tag infra8-buildtools-common-el8-build (priority 25)

* Checking distribution el8s configuration...
 -> Checking infra config...
Creating tag  : infra8s-buildtools-common-candidate
Creating tag  : infra8s-buildtools-common-testing
Creating tag  : infra8s-buildtools-common-release
 -> creating infra8s-buildtools-common-el8s
Added external repo centos8s-cr to tag infra8s-buildtools-common-el8s-build (priority 5)
Added external repo centos8s-extras to tag infra8s-buildtools-common-el8s-build (priority 10)
Added external repo centos8s-powertools to tag infra8s-buildtools-common-el8s-build (priority 15)
Added external repo centos8s-appstream to tag infra8s-buildtools-common-el8s-build (priority 20)
Added external repo centos8s-baseos to tag infra8s-buildtools-common-el8s-build (priority 25)

Now working on the the GPG key and push through ansible the change for signing to be aware of that new key for that tag

GPG key is now created, and ready in signing workflow.
You can find gpg pub key and fingerprint here (already pushed to website for public consumption) : https://www.centos.org/keys/#infra-sig

@bstinson, @mohanboddu : can you verify that you have all you need ? just putting this request in "feedback" mode and then close it

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7 months ago

Closing per discussion in daily review

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- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

7 months ago

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