#555 Unable to find cico-workspace template under cloud environment
Closed: Fixed with Explanation 2 years ago by mobrien. Opened 2 years ago by anoopcs.

Recently https://jenkins-sig-samba.apps.ocp.ci.centos.org/ was created for Samba project. While trying to create a job we noticed that cico-workspace template is not listed in the list of pre-configured pod templates. Was that a step missed or is this expected?

@mobrien : can you verify ? I just logged in and it's true that under jenkins I don't see the cico-workspace template, while they are available in other projects. Was the correct cico-workspace template used to deploy jenkins for this project ?

@anoopcs Is it ok if we remove the current jenkins instance and reprovision a new one for you?

@anoopcs Is it ok if we remove the current jenkins instance and reprovision a new one for you?

That also works as we are in an initial stage and no real jobs are present at the moment. Please go ahead with re provision.

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Ok, deleting project and adding it back "from scratch"

I just deployed from scratch same template but no "cico-workspace" pod template , which should be automatically be added, with also the duffy api key and other secrets mounted directly. So don't know what's going wrong

Any further updates here?

we had a quick look yesterday and identified a problem but no fix (and also there is no SLA on that infra, which is out of warranty , etc)
I suggested a kind of workaround to add "manually" in your jenkins what's missing (and that should come from the openshift template and ConfigMap, which isn't applied, still investigating why).

we'll let you know when you'll be able to test

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Sorry for the long wait but we have found the issue.

When we deploy the jenkins container there is a plugin which we don't manage called openshift sync which is used to gather info from an openshift config map.

This plugin had a bug in which the config map was not applied and therefore our custom configuration was also not applied. The plugin has now been updated to 1.0.51 and all should be working ok

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