#519 Create a centos category on the fedora discourse for CentOS Stream
Closed: Fixed 11 months ago by arrfab. Opened 11 months ago by toracat.

Please create a centos category on the fedora discourse and let it handle CentOS Stream-related topics. This will leave the current CentOS forums to CentOS 7 only, once CentOS 8 is retired.

cc @mattdm Is this something you can/want to do?

The original idea was brought about by Carl George:

< carlwgeorge> i've had several stream users ask me if we can just make a centos category on the fedora discourse, instead of running our own forums. i think it's a fantastic idea.

Yeah, I'm open to this! Since accounts are shared, it should be no problem technically. And I like the closer bridge! Can you bring up the topic at https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/c/site-feedback/3 please?

As discussion happens now directly on discourse, let's close it

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11 months ago

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