#477 Rollout the new CentOS Visual theme [Artwork SIG]
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As discussed with @areguera on irc, we just need to review open PR from Artwork SIG, and then deploy to devand stg environments first and then when we want to have it deployed everywhere, merge in main branch to have it deployed by ansible everywhere.

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FWIW, the first PR for mailman role was merged and applied on https://lists.dev.centos.org

Reviewing during stand-up and probably waiting on @rcb and @bstinson to know when we can roll-out the new theme (probably in sync with stream 9 itself)

reviewing this ticket during infra and releng standup : I think that it was all agreed on irc that we can rollout the new theme everywhere.
So @areguera : happy to just merge branches and have ansible deploy it. that would cover mailman. For blog happy to have it rolled-out too as it's a wordpress theme.

@arrfab yes, that's one very important green light but there are still some red lights in relation to visual consistency:

In addition to this, I am wondering where the stylesheet URLs of sites like lists and blog will be pointing to, once merged? In the initial design they point to www site. Are we crossing those requests from prod to dev? Any thoughts on how we are addressing this?

one of the two open bugzilla reports is private but I guess it's for Stream team
I don't mind waiting for the deploy, was just curious about when to do it.

WRT stylesheet, ideally that would then point indeed to www, so that would mean:

  • rolling out new website first (with assets like css, etc)
  • then merging other ones and deploy

To remove the visual consistency blocker, I updated the artistic motif in https://www.dev.centos.org to present the one in Stream 8 distribution. Now, both website and distribution are visual consistent, so we are good to go.

ack so I'll merge staging and I'll force to point to dev instance for time being but that sounds "strange" to do so .. hopefully not for a long time ;-)

Thanks, so it's now merged and applied but with www.dev.centos.org as asset url (even on prod) as www.c.o doesn't have what's needed.
Let's keep this ticket open until we can roll out the new theme everywhere

@rcb , @bstinson : when can we do this ? I know you said it was ok but @areguera would like to see proper branding in 9-stream (wallpapers iirc ?) before applying new there everywhere

I don't have any objection to roll out the new theme using Stream-8 artistic motif. Once we solve the visual consistency issues related to Stream-9 distribution artistic motif (and the distribution can be downloaded from www.centos.org/downloads/) we can just update the website artistic motif image from Stream-8 to Stream-9, to reflect the new visual identity available. The theme itself (HTML and CSS reusable from a single location) can be roll out as it is now (using Stream-8 artistic motif).

In the mid-time, and this is probably topic of another ticket, what about preparing the passage environment from dev to stg related to www? I understand www.stg.centos.org is where we build www.centos.org but not an intermediate space to evaluate content before entering to prod. The new theme works differently from the one in place right now. It uses a gem-based model where changes are introduced by changing the theme version in the Gemfile that is in the website git repo and running the bundle update command.

Ok, we have the various bits of the Stream9 promotion in place, and are ready to schedule a coordinated rollout, including the site design elements, the blog post, and the new centos.org/stream9 page. So, from my side of things, I'm ready to go.

just curious and trying to schedule/organize my work for the following days/weeks : where are we now about the new design roll-out ? still waiting on the new logo/wallpaper to enter 9-stream composes and then switch design ?

Yes. Waiting for those bits to show up in CentOS Stream 9.

FYI: I already started to push the new logo images into centos-logos source repo to make tests in a virtual machine and foster visual corrections related to size, contrast, etc. There are some screenshots available.

Glad to see you back @arrfab. Best regards.

cool, thanks for the confirmation. We'll then wait on @bstinson to let us know when your newer centos-logos will be built, and added in then refreshed trees/isos for stream 9.

PS: end of the year seems to be "hectic", so if we can't do this quickly, that will probably (or not) to wait :/ ....

Would it be possible to create a "staging" environment where we can test the new website model before entering in prod? It would be really helpful to identify any issue related to this implementation.

Putting some comments here for people tracking ticket but not irc : I modified now the ansible role so that the staging branch is now rendered/displayed on https://www.stg.centos.org so that it's possible to have a look at what will be rendered next, and when merged to main branch.
Nothing changes for www.centos.org : built from the main branch as before

Let's have a simple task list for what's next to be deployed and then close ticket :

Task list

  • [x] Design applied to www.centos.org
  • [x] Mailman new theme applied on lists.centos.org
  • [x] New centos theme applied on blog.centos.org

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