#441 Providing CentOS Stream 9 as available release/version for CI tenants
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We need to start looking at providing CentOS Stream 9 for CI infra, as it's now available for SIGs to build through cbs.centos.org, so next step for them is to automatically test pkgs through CI before being able to tag/promote to -release tag (and so mirror network).

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While work started already to work on kickstart for stream 9, we encountered the first major blocker : el9 kernel removed completely the e1000 kernel module/driver meaning that for all the bare-metal nodes used by Duffy for CI tenants, it's not possible to install/deploy Stream 9

I already opened a RFE ticket with the KMODs SIG to see if they can start building a usable kmod but that's still a risk (and so need a SPIKE and needs to be discussed as it wouldn't be vanilla stream 9)

Other found issue with provisioning on top of other infra (so two disks in md/software raid) : https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2002640

Other issue is lack of Power9 infra, so no way to test 9-stream/ppc64le combination until that is resolved

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8 months ago

One good report : e1000 kmod is now enabled in latest development tree/kernel so we have a way to deploy on CI infra for x86_64 (just waiting for tree/kernel to land on mirror.stream.centos.org)

Status update for x86_64 architecture : we have now some nodes installed with 9-stream so compatible with CI infra.
But other problems to solve now :
* cico itself needs a small mod : easy and PR open but then needs a build etc
* duffy is using paramiko to contextualize the deployed node but has issues with the enforced ciphers/macs/also used at the el9 side so investigating

Both problems mentioned above are now closed/resolved (with a workaround in existing duffy2 code to bypass paramiko issue), 9-stream is now available in CI infra, but only for x86_64.
Updated cico client is available on infra and mirror.centos.org

Next item is to rebase the existing cico-workspace container image to include it (not technically needed for tenants using curl or other python-requests based call to duffy api)

We announced 9-stream support for :

Closing for now and we'll just open new ticket for ppc64le when we'll have power9 hardware to start deploying 9-stream on top

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