#440 root-cause why mirror.stream.c.o is not synced with composes.stream.c.o
Closed: Wrong tracker 8 months ago by arrfab. Opened 8 months ago by ktdreyer.

CBS uses external repos from http://mirror.stream.centos.org/9-stream/ . What syncs that location with the content at https://composes.stream.centos.org/production/latest-CentOS-Stream/compose/CRB/ ?

In #313, arrfab explains "there is a diff between that compose and the one that would be authoritative"

Is there a script or something that broke?

Stream changes rapidly, and it's important that our buildroots are up-to-date in order to make CBS and the SIGs successful.

The steam pushing to that location (not yet announced) is the CentOS Stream team so that would be a question for them (and so ticket to bugzilla.redhat.com).
Also , it's still WIP as it was not yet announced so I'd consider this "normal" for some days/weeks, until they resolve that.
Let me close it here as it's not for centos infra anyway

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