#306 add EPEL to hyperscale SIG build tags
Closed: Fixed a year ago by arrfab. Opened a year ago by dcavalca.

We'd like to add EPEL to out build tags, so that we can have SIG packages depending on EPEL packages. Filing this ticket to get the discussion started, as @arrfab mentioned on IRC there are some policy concerns to resolve.

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a year ago

Now that cbs.centos.org was migrated to 8-stream and koji 1.23, let's revisit this request
Have created ticket for Fedora Infra to let us just rsync/pull epel8/epel7 and then we can kick some PoC to import all pkgs
Ref : https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/9928

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a year ago

it seems discussion on centos-devel doesn't have real progress, but from the Infra SIG meeting, someone will reach out to Fesco to see if the approve the "import + redistribute" part (https://centos.org/minutes/2021/May/centos-meeting.2021-05-10-14.03.html) so let's wait for official Epel/Fedora answer and then we can either make progress or close this RFE

I'm putting my comment on both issues. This is from the fesco issue

My concern is that you have lumped together "Import and Redistribute". I believe that should be two separate discussions.

"Import", so that SIG's can build against EPEL packages. I think that is a great idea, and I give it a yes vote.

"Redistribute". I'm against this. I believe this will bring confusion to the consumers of whatever SIG is redistributing the package.
My opinion, if a SIG produces a package, that requires an EPEL package at runtime (which is fine), that SIG should also require epel-release.

tagging as "groomed" until we have a clear vision/statement on centos-devel for all SIGs

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a year ago

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a year ago

While we don't have a clear vision about if importing is permitted (and so redistribute epel content), we'll take another simple approach : have an internal vhost/mirror for epel pkgs, that we can then add as externalrepo like we did for #316.
I have started to import/mirror epel content internally (reminder : cbs kojid builders don't have default route and have to consume pkgs from internal mirror only) and then we can proceed.

As for other ticket : do you want me to add this first on a specific hyperscale tag so that you can test that it works and then we enable on the other ones ?

Sounds good, let's use hyperscale8s-packages-experimental-el8-build for testing please.

Done, so can you give it a try ?

Looks like it's working, https://cbs.centos.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=2498568 pulls in fsverity-utils-devel which is an EPEL package and built successfully. cc @malmond who will be happy about this :-)

Let's get this enabled for all our tags please. Thanks @arrfab!

Please make sure epel-next is also added (cc: @carlgeorge)

Currently we're pulling content equivalent to https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/8/Everything/ but you mean so adding also https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/next/8/Everything/ to it (we can merge pkgs eventually or just have that another external repo)
I'll wait on feedback to proceed with other tags

EPEL Next is available here: https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/next/8/Everything/

@dcavalca , so do you want to also have epel-next available too ? just let me know as I'll have first then to modify tool to create internal mirror, and new externalrepo in cbs.
Then we can eventually test again with the hyperscale8s-packages-experimental-el8-build tag and if that works, then enable for all your tags ?

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a year ago

Yep, that works thanks!

ok, rsync in progress so that means that it will be probably be available for testing tomorrow(ish). We're almost there :)

I take that back : epel-next is really small so it's already pulled down and available for tag hyperscale8s-packages-experimental-el8-build so if you can confirm, we can then enable both epel8 and epel8-next externalrepos for all your hyperscale tags :-)

Works fine: https://cbs.centos.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=2498589 grabbed extra-cmake-modules from epel8-next (I added it as an additional BR to the spec for this test). I think we're good to go.

done for all the other hyperscale8s*-build tags, so let me close and we can also announce on centos-devel that it works and was tested by hyperscale SIG :)

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a year ago

@arrfab, I noticed in #388 that we only have epel8-next in our tags, which means there are broken dependencies when something in epel8-next needs something from epel8. Since epel8-next is an overlay repository to epel8, we need both. Can you add epel8 to our tags as well?

@ngompa oops, sorry .. it seems it was added in the first tag discussed with Davide, and then only epel8-next for the other ones. Now corrected :

Added external repo epel8 to tag hyperscale8s-packages-facebook-el8-build (priority 40)
Added external repo epel8 to tag hyperscale8s-packages-hotfixes-el8s-build (priority 40)
Added external repo epel8 to tag hyperscale8s-packages-main-el8-build (priority 40)
Added external repo epel8 to tag hyperscale8s-packages-spin-el8s-build (priority 40)

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