#1439 Decommission legacy mirrorlist.centos.org infra
Closed: Fixed 18 days ago by arrfab. Opened 24 days ago by arrfab.

As everything moved to Fedora mirrormanager for metalink, starting from CentOS Stream 9, the "legacy" mirrorlist.centos.org (backend, crawler and public GeoIP services) infra can be decommissioned.
No replacement as Stream 9 (and beyond) is already using mirrormanager, so nothing to migration, just decommissioning the infra

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24 days ago

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24 days ago

All gone, backend, frontend nodes are deleted/decommissioned and A/AAAA records for mirrorlist.centos.org removed from public dns too
bye bye service that was running without interruption for so many years !

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18 days ago

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