#1435 Stream third-party mirrors ACL update
Closed: Fixed 18 days ago by arrfab. Opened a month ago by arrfab.

To allow third-party mirrors to pull Stream content from us, they need to register themselves into fedora mirrormanager and then create ticket so that we can attach the centos category and then also add their IP address[es] into ACL (rsync)

As the current process happens in parallel of the one for (legacy) mirror network, on a centos 7 machine, we need to reflect a change and so new location and then ensure that the whole rsync.stream.centos.org servers fleet will be able to retrieve refreshed ACL

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a month ago

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a month ago

Already modified / pushed by ansible to last remaining step for next Monday is just updating public DNS A/AAAA records
Also then just updating ansible inventory for the delegate_to: task and reflect new host

All done and verified

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18 days ago

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