#1414 Ask CI tenants to update openshift jenkins instance
Opened 21 days ago by arrfab. Modified 3 days ago

Follow-up on #1409

We should :
* document now tenants can migrate themselves to new imagestram
* document how they can also convert from deploymentconfig to deployment (will be removed from future openshift release)
* modify our own ansible automation to reflect these changes (in case we need to deploy new ci tenants jenkins instances in their namespace through template)

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21 days ago

Just a feedback(from Samba):

Few days back, out of my curiosity, I went through the steps detailed in #1409 to get us out of a bad state where frequent deadlocks in our jenkins instance forced us to clean up and restart every now and then. The sole reason was very old jenkins version prohibiting specific plugin updates(manual or UI) which could have solved the deadlock issue for us.

Within 10 days of migration from DeploymentConfig to Deployment with mentioned tag(scheduled-upgrade-redeploy) I could see an automatic jenkins version update from initial v2.426.3 to v2.440.3. I wanted to confirm that the migration and change in jenkins tag has worked well for us.

Announced to ci-users list (and so CI tenants) : https://lists.centos.org/hyperkitty/list/ci-users@lists.centos.org/thread/3C5E6BJWOCPWZQU55UA6XLA3X2OIRWPN/

Scheduled to be applied automatically on June 20th, for CI tenants having ignored the request to update :

oc tag -n openshift --alias jenkins:scheduled-upgrade-redeploy jenkins:2

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6 days ago

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