#1399 Keeping builds and reducing loads on mirror
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Good morning!

So the Automotive SIG is building a fairly high number of kernels :] https://cbs.centos.org/koji/packageinfo?packageID=8886
Most of them go to -testing and end up on buildlogs: https://buildlogs.centos.org/9-stream/automotive/x86_64/packages-main/Packages/k/, fewer go to -release and end up on the final mirror: https://mirror.stream.centos.org/SIGs/9-stream/automotive/x86_64/packages-main/Packages/k/

We would like to reduce the number of packages on buildlogs: save space on the system + reduce the size of the metadata for the -testing repo.
IIRC, koji/cbs will garbage collect any build that isn't in a tag.
So if we remove these builds from the -testing tag to preserve buildlogs, how can ensure the builds aren't garbage collected? Should we leave them in -candidate? Should we have another tag -archived that we can move builds to?

Or is there a way to ask buildlogs to only pull something like the last 3 builds?

Thanks in advance for your guidance on this :)

Currently just untagging from -testing and keeping these tagged in -candidate would remove them from buildlogs CDN but still keep the builds in cbs.
We currently don't use Koji GC to clean builds for CBS but something we'd implement at one point or another.
About disk/storage consumption for mirror CDN, I even had a RFE for dist-repo tasks and limit by default number of builds to include before pushing builds out.

It's not available but as a current workaround, as long as you untag-build from -testing and that you let these in -candidate (not going out anyway) that would clean things up for your SIG

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