#1377 prepare c8s/c7 EOL for CI infra
Opened 2 months ago by arrfab. Modified 2 months ago

Currently we still provide CentOS Linux 7 and Stream 8 through duffy.ci.centos.org API

We also have our cico workspace container built on top of CentOS Stream 8 and we should migrate it before it's EOL'ed

Plan :

  • announce to ci-users list the changes
  • rebase cico-workspace container on CentOS stream 9 (and test it first)
  • remove 8s pools in duffy (and clean-up AWS pre-provisioned instances
  • same for 7 (going EOL one month after

Metadata Update from @arrfab:
- Issue marked as blocking: #1358
- Issue tagged with: centos-ci-infra, high-gain, medium-trouble

2 months ago

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