#126 Coordinate massive tagging to cloud8-openstack-wallaby-testing
Closed: Fixed 5 months ago by arrfab. Opened 5 months ago by amoralej.

CloudSIG is preparing a new big push to cloud8-openstack-wallaby-testing including 372 packages. The tagging scripts takes package and serially will untag each one from -candidate and tag it into a testing.

In the past, similar situations lead to overload the sign and push automation and it was disabled to run the tagging scripts. The aim of this issue is to coordinate this time.

BTW, what'd be the recommendation to do massive tagging with low impact on the sign and push system?, we may be able to improve our tooling if needed.

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We can do what we have done earlier for the official cloud8-openstack-victoria-release tag :

  • stop process subscribed to mqtt message bus (where koji posts tagbuild notifications)
  • you tag-build massively (and we can discuss that too)
  • once done, we resume the mqtt subscribe, connected to broker and consuming again notifications from koji
  • we kick a one shot process-tag operation (that will automatically process all tagged pkgs in one operation)

Do you have a date in mind ?

Do you have a date in mind ?

Could it be at some point today, October, 8th?

@amoralej : sure ! I'll have some meetings today but if we can do this in the morning, that would be perfect (and we can sync in #centos-devel , as usual ;-) )

Done and -testing was processed and pushed out.

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5 months ago

There has been some work in Koji to make this less painful. The tagBuildBypass() RPC defaults to "False" now (https://pagure.io/koji/issue/2292). See the --notify option to koji clone-tag.

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