#1257 New tags needed for Samba v4.19 in Storage SIG for CentOS Stream 8 and 9
Closed: Fixed a month ago by arrfab. Opened a month ago by anoopcs.

SIG name: Storage
SIG project: samba
release string: 419



Note: Please add centos8s-devel and centos9s-buildroot in addition to standard repos for CentOS 8 Stream and CentOS 9 Stream respectively.

Note: In addition please add epel8/epel9 and epel8-next/epel9-next respectively.

Metadata Update from @arrfab:
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- Issue tagged with: Business-As-Usual, cbs, high-gain, low-trouble

a month ago

Done :

* Checking distribution el8s configuration...
 -> Checking storage config...
Using default options for storage/samba
Creating tag  : storage8s-samba-419-candidate
Creating tag  : storage8s-samba-419-testing
Creating tag  : storage8s-samba-419-release
 -> creating storage8s-samba-419-el8s
Added external repo centos8s-extras to tag storage8s-samba-419-el8s-build (priority 5)
Added external repo centos8s-powertools to tag storage8s-samba-419-el8s-build (priority 10)
Added external repo centos8s-appstream to tag storage8s-samba-419-el8s-build (priority 15)
Added external repo centos8s-baseos to tag storage8s-samba-419-el8s-build (priority 20)
Added external repo epel8 to tag storage8s-samba-419-el8s-build (priority 25)
Added external repo epel8-next to tag storage8s-samba-419-el8s-build (priority 30)
Added external repo centos8s-devel to tag storage8s-samba-419-el8s-build (priority 35)

* Checking distribution el9s configuration...
 -> Checking storage config...
Using default options for storage/samba
Creating tag  : storage9s-samba-419-candidate
Creating tag  : storage9s-samba-419-testing
Creating tag  : storage9s-samba-419-release
 -> creating storage9s-samba-419-el9s
Added external repo centos9s-baseos to tag storage9s-samba-419-el9s-build (priority 5)
Added external repo centos9s-appstream to tag storage9s-samba-419-el9s-build (priority 10)
Added external repo centos9s-crb to tag storage9s-samba-419-el9s-build (priority 15)
Added external repo epel9 to tag storage9s-samba-419-el9s-build (priority 20)
Added external repo epel9-next to tag storage9s-samba-419-el9s-build (priority 25)
Added external repo centos9s-buildroot to tag storage9s-samba-419-el9s-build (priority 30)

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- Issue close_status updated to: Fixed
- Issue status updated to: Closed (was: Open)

a month ago

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