#1240 Convert our ansible hosts to RHEL and ansible-core new version
Closed: Fixed a month ago by arrfab. Opened 9 months ago by arrfab.

should be done but we have to verify needed pip modules for the ansible-core python interpreter and so deps for our collections.
Mitogen has to be tried too for that version

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8 months ago

Recently released mitogen v0.3.7 version added support for ansible-core 2.14 and 2.15, so we should evaluate this in staging and if all is working good, bump everything (and look at our needed collections/python modules/etc)

some other important pointer about the recent changes in el8 and el9 and python interpreters needed by ansible-core versions : https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/updates-using-ansible-core-in-rhel

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a month ago

modified and pushed for staging ENV. Waiting and then reinstalling ansible-host for various prod environments with el9 and running ansible-core 2.14 / ara 1.7.1 / mitogen 0.3.7

Hit by a mitogen issue so waiting before pushing to other env

ansible-host role updated to reflect needed patch for mitogen 0.3.7
Working fine for the last two days in staging so proceeding with CI env and then prod/public one

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a month ago

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