#1148 Migrate opennebula frontend/controller to el8/el9
Closed: Fixed 10 days ago by arrfab. Opened 4 months ago by arrfab.

Current opennebula frontend node is still running on centos 7 (and some hypervisors too).
We should migrate to at least el8 (same opennebula version) or investigate just migrating both OS and opennebula version.
So this tickets has a spike and then PoC, and then action items

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Currently working on needed pkgs on newer distro through infra tags (most of them are already built in cbs) and then :

  • apply role to new machine
  • backup/restore mysql data from previous opennebula controller
  • rsync opennebula datastores (for images id, etc)
  • verify that it all works and update tenants to point to new VM

all migrated and working

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