#1142 CentOS infrastructure is unreachable from IPv6 only networks
Closed: Fixed with Explanation 4 months ago by arrfab. Opened 4 months ago by tomkep.

As in title really.

The fact that webservers have AAAA records means nothing if the domain is not delegated to IPv6 reachable nameservers:

vesemir:~> dig centos.org ns +short
vesemir:~> dig ns1.centos.org aaaa +short
vesemir:~> dig ns1.centos.org a +short
vesemir:~> dig ns2.centos.org aaaa +short
vesemir:~> dig ns2.centos.org a +short

I've tried to use CentOS on IPv6 only network, the abovementioned omission renders whole mirror network unreachable from such a network and makes CentOS a no-go. Please add IPv6 capable nameservers.

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4 months ago

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4 months ago

I can only acknowledge this feature request as unfortunately, only one DC where our NS servers are hosted is offering IPv6 connectivity.
We were told for months and months that it's coming but nothing confirmed yet , unfortunately.
So for the time being, I have to close it as there is nothing I can do about it .

It's worth knowing that your own resolvers should then be dual-stack and so should return your AAAA records when needed though, so still possible to reach centos infra over ipv6 only for almost all publicly hosted services

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4 months ago

Well, there are reasons to keep resolvers IPv6 only as well.

Why don't you enable IPv6 in DC which supports it? It's better than nothing... And honestly, this should be the reason to reevaluate if these DCs are the right choice (and I'll leave it here).

well, we don't have an option about where it's hosted, and while I asked for it, I can ask again .. and then contact Red Hat legal department to update glue records eventually but only after we'll have proper ipv6 connectivity

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