#1118 Automotive SIG AVA Platform
Closed: Fixed a month ago by lrossett. Opened 5 months ago by lrossett.

The Automotive SIG needs to test its builds against an AVA Platform, the hardware shipping details are being taken care of.

This issue is being filed to track the centos infra side of things when the time comes:

  • Network setup
  • Zabbix monitoring
  • ...?

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5 months ago

@smooge maybe we should sync again but let me know when you'll have shipped hardware there : ideally we'd have an internal ticket for this, so that we have a reference for the shipping label (and find where it lands).
Other possibility: you get it delivered at your house and you can rack it up ? (but we should still create ticket so that they can keep track of what's entering the rack as they just did an inventory and so they should update it)

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5 months ago

Yes. I have talked with Leo and the current plan will be to have it delivered to my house. I will then do an initial setup and working out the 'kinks' to know if the raspberry pi or some other hardware is needed. I will then work with you on a ticket to get this put into the cage working with PNT and whoever else is needed.

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5 months ago

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2 months ago

Revisiting that ticket as I heard through other channel that it was finally sent to other DC ?
If that's the case, we can then probably just close this ticket ?

Yes, it was. Closing the ticket.

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a month ago

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