#1078 [long running task] : migrate a bunch of servers from CentOS 7 to RHEL 9
Opened a month ago by arrfab. Modified a month ago

We need (and already started) to migrate a bunch of server running CentOS Linux 7 (going EOL in June 2024) so this task is just to reflect the work that already started but ticket will remain open to reflect it.
The goal is to take some nodes out of public infra, reinstall, put these back into pool, and doing that one by one (or multiple ones per day) would permit to slowly get rid of the centos 7 machines in the infra
PS: that can also be good to get back in touch with the sponsors to see if hardware refresh is a better way to deal with this with a parallel reinstall, etc

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a month ago

status update : multiple nodes have been reinstalled already and two contacted sponsors offered to replaced old hardware (not compatible with rhel9), so welcome centosb11 and centosb12 nodes

More to come in the following days (already ~30 physical/remote machines were installed with rhel9 so far)

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a month ago

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