#1040 Automate host IPA TLS certs retrieval/deployment
Closed: Fixed 22 days ago by arrfab. Opened a month ago by arrfab.

We have some TLS certs that are signed by Fedora IPA infra (dogtag).
These certs are generated at the IPA side with a validity of 2years by default.
While properly enrolled nodes can retrieve that automatically through dogtag, remote systems (like in the CentOS Infra) can't.
So we should have :
- zabbix monitoring point for TLS cert validity (from host perspective)
- automation in place to retrieve renewed TLS certs
- let ansible redeploy new TLS certs (already there, just need the renewed .crt files)

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we have documented the simple process (including a bash wrapper/helper script in git repo) and we also have updated with ansible some TLS certs that were due for a renewal (like on cbs infra)

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