#1017 Investigate Zabbix infra upgrade
Closed: Fixed a month ago by arrfab. Opened 2 months ago by arrfab.

While we have zabbix 5.x LTS version deployed (and proxy/agent built for el7/el8/el9) we should investigate building and upgrading our zabbix monitoring stack to 6.x LTS version.
It would bring more new features, including (but not limited to) better integration with prometheus to collect openshift metrics.

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Progress and first step : having a --scratch build that works.
I identified the needed small changes in .spec (will push to git) and it built : https://cbs.centos.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=3146234

Zabbix staging upgraded and zabbix-cli now rebuilding to support new zabbix api features

Production (server, multiple zabbix proxies, and agents) env migrated to 6.0.12.
Investigating now new features but closing this ticket

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