#1016 migrate authoritative NS nodes for centos.org
Closed: Fixed a year ago by arrfab. Opened a year ago by arrfab.

We'd need to revisit our nameservers infra and migrate to new OS release/version (and so bump bind).
Redesign where our NS nodes are located (for redundancy and availability) and update glue records accordingly

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a year ago

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a year ago

Internal ticket open for firewall rules requested change.
Once working, we'll update glue records through other internal legal ticket

ns1.centos.org was moved from centos 7 to el8 host
ns2.centos.org is a fresh new el8 host (just waiting for glue records to be updated, waiting on other internal ticket)
ns3 and ns3 will be decommissioned (also based on same internal ticket)

Keeping ticket open (while all infra work was done) so that we can still review when it will be really implemented at the registrar level

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a year ago

All done and live for both centos.org and centosproject.org

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a year ago

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