#1000 Guidelines for quay usage for CentOS SIG
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This ticket is just for asking guidance, the automotive SIG is considering building container images and uploading them to a public registry, in our case, most likely quay.io.

There is already a CentOS space on quay.io: https://quay.io/repository/centos/centos

What's the current recommendation for SIGs wanting to use quay for images? Is there a mechanism in place for quay to provide access to a subset of the repository? Should each SIG create their own space? If so, are there best practices on how to mark that repository as being "official"?

that's the official CentOS Namespace on quay.io and we (CentOS Infra) don't have access to that either.
That's the reason why we even (back in the days) created our own (for centos ci) namespace/org on quay.io : https://quay.io/organization/centosci

Worth creating a ticket with the centos board to get guidelines about what would be permitted and where ? Eventually (if there is something to be done at the infra level) we can work on something , assuming that we'd get ourselves credentials/rights to do it :)

Board issue: https://git.centos.org/centos/board/issue/90

Looks like I like round ticket number today :)

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