#2 When will cccolutiles be available in Fedora and EPEL?
Closed 5 years ago Opened 5 years ago by cqi.

There will be a new release of rpkg and fedpkg soon, cccolutils is now a new dependency. So, when will cccolutils RPM be available in Fedora and EPEL? I'm not sure whether I need to file a bug for requesting the new RPMs. If yes, I'm happy to do that. :)

Hi, any update these days?

The package review just got approved, and I'm building and submitting now :).

Great. :clap: But sorry for not mention earlier, f23 package is required since we have to release for f23 currently.

The update has been submitted for F24, F25, EL6 and EPEL7.

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5 years ago

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