#208 Skip isc_bind9 check on BIND 9.16.17+
Merged 11 months ago by abbra. Opened 11 months ago by pemensik.
pemensik/bind-dyndb-ldap bind-9.16.16-support  into  master

file modified
@@ -1156,6 +1156,7 @@ 

  	RUNTIME_CHECK(isc_once_do(&library_init_once, library_init)

  		      == ISC_R_SUCCESS);




  	 * Depending on how dlopen() was called, we may not have

  	 * access to named's global namespace, in which case we need
@@ -1168,6 +1169,7 @@ 


  		log_debug(5, "registering library from dynamic ldap driver, %p != %p.", dctx->refvar, &isc_bind9);


+ #endif


  	log_debug(2, "registering dynamic ldap driver for %s.", name);


Reference variable refvar from dns_dyndbctx_t were removed. Removed was
also flag requesting different namespace. Skip that check on last stable
version, it should eval to false on all versions anyway.

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11 months ago