#178 Clarify behavior of idnsSOAmName and fake_mname
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  	one LDAP database and every BIND reports itself as a primary master in

  	SOA record, for example.


+ 	NOTE: for idnsSOAmName value following priority list shows where

+ 	override can come from:


+         - fake_mname value in the server configuration in named.conf

+         - Server configuration from LDAP (idnsServerConfig)

+         - Zone configuration from LDAP


+ 	Thus, if server is supposed to respond with a different primary master

+ 	DNS name depending on a zone, remove 'fake_mname' from the named.conf

+ 	and idnsSOAmName attribute value from the server configuration in LDAP

+         and define it per-zone in LDAP.


  * sync_ptr (default no)


  	Set this option to `yes` if you would like to keep PTR record 

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