#70 Define and use new attribute for default TTL value
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Currently default TTL is hardcoded. Value in SOA is ignored.

Meaning of "SOA min" value was redefined by RFC2308. It should define TTL for negative response caching, so there is nothing to implement for now (regarding SOA min value).

See http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2308 , section "2.2.1 - Special Handling of No Data", part "4 - SOA Minimum Field".

New zone attribute for default TTL has to be defined in LDAP schema. This effort has to be coordinated with IPA.

Taking on the ticket as per the above discussion.

Pending on upstream change to add the new attribute (discussion going in email offline) and when that is completed the final changes will be made here to submit.

James, could you send your patch to freeipa-devel@redhat.com (preferably) or attach the patch to this ticket, please? I hope that we will get the attribute assigned soon, but this should not affect the code (except attribute name :-).

Thank you very much!

New attribute was officially defined:

attributetype (  NAME 'dNSdefaultTTL'
        DESC 'An integer denoting default time to live, RFC 2308'
        EQUALITY integerMatch
        ORDERING integerOrderingMatch
        SYNTAX )

See http://drift.uninett.no/nett/ip-nett/dnsattributes.schema .

James, could you send your patch to ​freeipa-devel@redhat.com (preferably) or attach the patch to this ticket, please? We get the attribute assigned!

Thank you very much!

James, if you have patches ready, please submit them. Otherwise we can't make it in Fedora 20 timeframe so we have to re-triage it.

We plan to postpone this ticket until DNSSEC work is done. However, patches are welcome :-) James, don't hesistate to send it any time.

Results of planning meeting held on 2014-11-04.

James, did you make any progress regarding this ticket?

Scheduling for re-triage, priority trivial may not correctly reflect importance of it.

Implementation requires additional information from meta-database - especially when default TTL is changed in LDAP.


We need information if TTL is defined in given entry or if it was inherited from parent objects.

This should be sufficient for the case where TTL is on entry-level (i.e. shared among all attributes) but will not be sufficient when we decide to fix ticket [[TicketQuery(id=59)]]

Please see [[Design/MetaDB]] for details.

This supplements FreeIPA feature http://www.freeipa.org/index.php?title=V4/DNS_Location_Mechanism and makes it easier to manage it.

Moving tickets as triaged on 2016-02-11 with mkosek.

Metadata Update from @dpal:
- Issue assigned to pspacek
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 24

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