#160 DNS forward zones should automatically unload empty zones
Closed: Fixed None Opened 3 years ago by pspacek.


DNS forwarding configured using forward zones or global forwarding does not force BIND to unload existing automatic empty zones.

These automatic empty zones prevent BIND from forwarding queries for names belonging to these zones.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Define global forwarder.
  • See that queries for 10.in-addr.arpa. zone are not being forwarded as configured.

(Other combinations are possible, but this is easiest to configure.)



This needs to be fixed so bind-dyndb-ldap works nicely with new way of reverse zone handling in FreeIPA 4.3 installer.

Moving tickets as triaged on 2016-02-11 with mkosek.

Metadata Update from @pspacek:
- Issue assigned to pspacek
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 24

2 years ago

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