#148 Plugin will crash if idnsForwardZone object is in the wrong place
Closed: Fixed None Opened 4 years ago by pspacek.


Plugin crashes.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Create LDAP object with DN idnsName=test, idnsName=test, cn=dns
  • Add objectClass idnsForwardZone to it


$ kinit admin
$ ipa dnszone-add ipa.example.
$ ipa dnsrecord-add ipa.example. test --txt-rec="ignorethis"
$ ldapmodify -Y GSSAPI
dn: idnsname=test,idnsname=ipa.example.,cn=dns,dc=ipa,dc=example
changetype: modify
add: idnsZoneActive
idnsZoneActive: TRUE
delete: objectClass
objectClass: idnsrecord
add: objectClass
objectClass: idnsRecord
objectClass: idnsForwardZone

Metadata Update from @pspacek:
- Issue assigned to pspacek
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 22

2 years ago

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