#117 TTL values > 2^31-1 are not handled properly
Closed: Fixed None Opened 9 years ago by pspacek.

Bind-dyndb-ldap violates [2181 section 8]]([http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2181#section-8|RFC): TTL values > 2^31^-1 are not truncated to 0 as the standard prescribes.

The problem: Records with dnsTTL attribute TTL > 2147483647 are sent to clients with TTL value outside allowed range:

test.example.com.   2147483648 IN   A

All values higher than 2147483647 should be truncated to 0:

test.example.com.   0          IN   A

Metadata Update from @dpal:
- Issue assigned to pspacek
- Issue set to the milestone: Fedora 19

5 years ago

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