#270 Update getfedora.org with Digital Ocean
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Since we're about to have general availability on DO, we want to change GetFedora.org to reflect that.

  1. Change the "Amazon" section on https://getfedora.org/en/atomic/download/ to be "Public Cloud" (see suggested title and text below).

  2. Combine the two selector boxes for GP2 and Standard instances into one selector box with an extra column called "Storage" which is either "GP2" or "Standard". Label the button which triggers this box "AWS Cloud"

  3. Add a new button called "Digital Ocean", which will trigger a similar selector box to the AWS selector, for DO instances.

Suggested Text:

Public Cloud Images for Amazon EC2 and Digital Ocean

The links below will provide you listings of available Atomic Host instances on two public clouds, Amazon EC2 and Digital Ocean. If you already have an account on these clouds, this will provide you one-click launch of an Atomic Host instance.

@dustymabe @jligon @robyduck

I've got the text changes in, and I'm looking at how to do the buttons "properly" in between meetings

I'd also like to add Dply (https://dply.co/). This is an experimental service run by a Digital Ocean employee, and basically lets you get started with the smallest droplets quickly. The cool thing — in addition to the very low bar for entry — is that there's a free tier which gives you two hours of runtime, which will let people try out Fedora with very little effort. (Currently, they just have Fedora Cloud Base, but I've asked for Atomic Host to be added and will report back when it is.)

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@jligon, do you want to be removed from this ticket?

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sure, I'm pretty sure this one is beyond me at this point.

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