#265 atomic host mirroring plans
Opened 5 years ago by walters. Modified 4 years ago

Related issues:

Preparatory steps:

1) Switch to using mirrorlist= for the remote; let's put a static list somewhere which just redirects to the current kojipkgs (this will also speed up current fetches a lot since right now we pay the cost of HTTP redirects for each object)

One thing that came up for this is that metalink includes timestamps, so the client knows to find the latest.

2) Deploy HTTP/2 for kojipkgs (optional but would-be-nice)

Doing deltas-only for mirrors:

1) Add upstream unit tests for deltas-only repo (and figure out things like a flag in the repo for this)
2) Increase the number of deltas we make (N-2 -> N, also consider N -> N-1 so deploy of previous works)
3) Add a from-scratch delta for tip

I filed https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/5970 to track getting mirrorlist set up to serve from dl.fpo and koji packages.

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