#242 Clarify requirements for INSTALL / UNINSTALL labels
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Per mailing list:

"Are there any guidelines or policies for what to put in the "install"
or "uninstall" labels in my Dockerfiles? Can images basically do
whatever they want in those scripts?

I see examples where the install script sets up systemd unit files -
is that the pattern these install shell scripts should always follow?

I also saw an example where an image provides "LABEL install" but no
"LABEL uninstall". Is that bad?"

We need to add some examples and details for these labels.

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Update from VFAD:

The INSTALL and UNINSTALL labels are optional. They are only recommended if the container needs some kind of setup beyond "pull". System containers probably always need them. If an INSTALL is supplied, and UNINSTALL should be as well. Both of these labels should work, and should be tested using the Atomic CLI. Guidelines for Install/Uninstall will be included, but mostly point to the Atomic CLI docs.

Clarification in Container Guidelines in progress.

Doesn't contain the guidelines outlined above in this issue, or any examples. Needs more detail.

Looks good. Closing this, since I don't believe we need to notify maintainers specifically of this change.

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