#198 move ostree ref to be "container-host"
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Since there are more than one container runtime these days and there are initiatives to standardize and make containers more generic I think it would be worth renaming our "ref" in our OSTree repo from fedora-atomic/25/x86_64/docker-host (<=F25) to fedora-atomic/25/x86_64/container-host (f26+).


Could we align with what RHEL and CentOS do? Or is there value in preserving the container-host nomenclature?

RHEL uses the following branch: rhel-atomic-host/7/x86_64/standard

CentOS uses this: centos-atomic-host/7/x86_64/standard

+1 to alignment w/ rhel/centos -- even if we some day have other refs, the "standard" atomic host is the container-hosting one.

Yeah - i think it makes sense to align with them. For some reason I thought they were using the same ref we were already. Not sure if I really like "standard" as that really doesn't tell you anything, but to change it I'd prefer we change them all. Or at least convince the others to change to "something new" in the future and we could go ahead and put that in place.

The design I had for ostree refspecs is that they go from "general -> specific". Hence it'd look like this:


The rationale for the standard thing was that in RHEL/CentOS there isn't a workstation variant, so the rhel-atomic-host is the "base". But there will be for Fedora - if we produce multiple trees it makes sense to align them.

Hence my proposal is for Fedora 26 to be:


Hence my proposal is for Fedora 26 to be:


Note the change in the PR is suggesting we go from




I'm +1 on this change and will merge on Monday unless there is a good reason not to.

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+1 for atomic-host in 26.

We'll need to remember to do a big search-and-replace in the docs.

+1 for atomic-host.
How do we inform the users? Can we provide some kind of link to the old name so that we don't break everything?

I think if we don't plan to keep the old name around forever then we should just go ahead and make an announcement about the change and have them change it when they switch from f25 to f26 rather than waiting longer. They'll have to do it eventually and I think keeping the old name around is probably more confusing than it's worth.

We're also going to need to do a big search-and-replace on the docs.

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this is done now - we just need to make sure there is no fallout from it and also make announcements and such.

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