#158 Proposed website changes for Cloud Base → Atomic Host switch
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So, we are basically agreed but have not acted on a plan to replace the Fedora Cloud Edition with Fedora Atomic Host Edition. This ticket outlines the basic idea for doing so. It's largely based on a conversation I had with Mo Duffy a few months (actually, starting to be "many months" ago).

The different parts are:

  1. New https://getfedora.org/atomic/, in the same basic style as https://getfedora.org/cloud/ or the other getfedora pages.
  2. Currently, htttp://cloud.fedoraproject.org/ redirects to https://getfedora.org/cloud/, but instead make it be a page like https://arm.fedoraproject.org/ focused on private/public cloud images across spins and editions
    * Cloud Base image, which would basically be a Spin and continue to be managed by the Cloud SIG)
    * Possible ready-to-run Fedora Server cloud images — or, instructions on cloudtoserver
  3. https://getfedora.org/cloud/ would redirect to htttp://cloud.fedoraproject.org/
  4. http://atomic.fedoraproject.org could redirect to https://getfedora.org/atomic/
  5. '''''or''''' it could be a landing page with links to getfedora, projectatomic.io, fedora docs, and maybe a related Hub
  6. I don't know where docker base images live in this scheme (or other future container images).

Comments, criticism, discussion, alternatives?

See Mo's blog post http://blog.linuxgrrl.com/2015/09/15/fedora-atomic-logo-idea/ (including shiny new Edition logo for Atomic Host)

The dark text on purple around "atomic cli" is a little tough to read.

The dark text on purple around "atomic cli" is a little tough to read.

Yeah, on this page: https://stg.getfedora.org/en/cloud/ - the Atomic CLI section does not look good.

I gave review and feedback in the original ticket that was opened for this: https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-websites/ticket/406#comment:1

Please make any further comments/review there.

mattdm and I are meeting with robyduck today to try to get a formal request in for cloud.fp.o

cloud.fedoraproject.org is now live. There are a few remaining issues but I'm going to close this ticket and let the ticket in the fedora-websites repo monitor those problems: https://pagure.io/fedora-websites/issue/57

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