#156 Need complete Kickstart docs for Atomic Host
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The documentation here: http://www.projectatomic.io/docs/fedora_atomic_bare_metal_installation/ punts a lot of practical steps off to the main Fedora docs on how to do a kickstart install. Since often atomic bare metal installs will involve a system without full GUI support, we need to make it easy for people to do this.

Part of the issue is that kickstart isn't exactly developer-friendly; it's a bit complicated to use. But we can at least doc a step-by-step.

Last I looked at that doc (which was a while ago) that kickstart file was complete and functional, if short. Aside for support for ostree, there isn't anything specific that Atomic needs from kickstart or kickstart does for Atomic.

What sort of steps do you think are missing? What tasks are folks trying to do with kickstarts that are failing as a result of Atomic? I think there probably are some things we need to document about potential %post behavior differences due to the nature of the layouts.

The docs are fine for people who already know how to use kickstart, but not if they don't. And the man Fedora docs on how to use kickstart files and boot/install from them are confusing and not at all beginner-oriented. Basically I'm approaching this from a "how do I do a headless install" perspective; we want someone to be able to accomplish that without taking a full-day tutorial in Fedora Administration first.

I went over this some with Dusty, and I think doing a simple example of kickstart install from file on laptop + ansible to target server would work as a demonstration case.

Agree that's definitely something we don't have and could be useful. I think we should stress the point that the extremely simple kickstart file is actually complete, especially to lower the stress level of new folks. Or, at least make sure that it is complete, then stress it.

I'm willing to assist you and Dusty here if you like.

I have notes on this, just need some screen caps and making them doc quality.

Still working on doc/blog post.

Docs are written, currently in review.

Has been updated on www.projectatomic.io. Closing issue now.

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