#133 Hand off Atlas release process for vagrant boxes to releng
Opened 7 years ago by dustymabe. Modified 5 years ago

We are going to start releasing our vagrant boxes in Atlas. Right now the process is manual and not handled by releng.

We are planning to give releng full access and insight into the process and work with them on making it something that can be automated and something they can own (with help from us). A few steps we need to take:

  1. Have a meeting (google hangout) with releng to show them what is done today
  2. Give releng access
  3. Help develop a way to automate it and make it reproducible for next release.

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5 years ago

the docs for the vagrant cloud api are sparse. I found where someone created some scripts to access the API - maybe we can clean some information from there:


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5 years ago

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