The Fedora Appliance tools
                      Dennis Gilmore <>

                    Last updated: February 04 2017 (v008.0)

Tools for generating appliance images on Fedora based systems including
derived distributions such as RHEL, CentOS and others.

This project and it's source files is licensed under the GPLv2
license. See the file COPYING for details.


This is a first cut the Appliance Creation Tool (ACT) a tool to create
Appliance Images from a kickstart file. This tool uses the liveCD
creator API as well as patches to the LIVECD API originally written by 
Daniel P. Berrange <> to create a multi partitioned 
disk image. This Disk image can then be booted in a virtual container
such as XEN, KVM, and VMWARE or installed into sdcards or usb sticks for
use on arm systems such as the panda board, beagleboard, trimslice, etc.


To create an appliance image, the appliance-creator tool is used. Super 
user privileges are needed. The tool is more or less self-documenting, 
use the --help option to see options.

Build the appliance, this used the example kickstart file included in 
the rpm others are available in the spin KickstartPool
# appliance-creator -n ThinCrust --config /usr/share/doc/appliance-tools-%{version}/aos-rawhide.ks

Run using libvirt (requires libvirt virt-manager libvirt-python python-virtinst)
# virt-image ThinCrust.xml

Installing an arm image requires installing via xzcat
# xzcat <arm disk image> >/dev/sdcard