Ansible Role: Install Nextcloud and Collabora Office using Docker

Build Status Ansible Role

This role install Nextcloud and Collabora office on Docker, using Nginx as reverse proxy (currently only for Debian-based OS).


Python2 Packages

  • docker-compose (pip install docker-compose)
  • docker (pip install docker)

Ansible Modules

  • docker_compose
  • service
  • file
  • template

Role Variables

See defaults/main.yml for all available variables. Mandatory variable(s) is checked on the check_vars.yml task.

Mandatory variable(s):

  • nextcloud_domain\
  • nextcloud_office_domain (if using Collabora office)
  • nextcloud_office_white_domains (if using Collabora office)

Example Playbook

- name: Deploy Nextcloud
  hosts: nextcloud
    - {role: nextcloud-docker} 

Inside group_vars/nextcloud:

nextcloud_domain: ""



Author Information

Ahmad Haghighi. (