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Ansible role to install gitlab-runner
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GitLab Runner Build Status Ansible Role

This role will install the official GitLab Runner (fork from riemers) with some added fields.


This role requires Ansible 2.7 or higher.

Role Variables

gitlab_runner_package_name Since Gitlab 10.x The package name of gitlab-ci-multi-runner has been renamed to gitlab-runner. In order to install a version < 10.x you will need to define this variable gitlab_runner_package_name: gitlab-ci-multi-runner.

gitlab_runner_wanted_version or gitlab_runner_package_version To install a specific version of the gitlab runner (by default it installs the latest). On Mac OSX and Windows, use e.g. gitlab_runner_wanted_version: 12.4.1. On Linux, use gitlab_runner_package_version instead.

gitlab_runner_concurrent The maximum number of global jobs to run concurrently. Defaults to the number of processor cores.

gitlab_runner_registration_token The GitLab registration token. If this is specified, a runner will be registered to a GitLab server.

gitlab_runner_coordinator_url The GitLab coordinator URL. Defaults to

gitlab_runner_sentry_dsn Enable tracking of all system level errors to Sentry

gitlab_runner_listen_address Enable /metrics endpoint for Prometheus scraping.

gitlab_runner_runners A list of gitlab runners to register & configure. Defaults to a single shell executor. See the defaults/main.yml file listing all possible options which you can be passed to a runner registration command.

Example Playbook

- hosts: all
  remote_user: root
    - vars/main.yml
    - { role: riemers.gitlab-runner }

Inside vars/main.yml

gitlab_runner_registration_token: 'HUzTMgnxk17YV8Rj8ucQ'
  - name: 'Example Docker GitLab Runner'
    # token is an optional override to the global gitlab_runner_registration_token
    token: 'HUzTMgnxk17YV8Rj8ucQ' 
    executor: docker
    docker_image: 'alpine'
      - node
      - ruby
      - mysql
      - "/var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock"
      - "/cache"
        memory: 512m
        allowed_images: ["ruby:*", "python:*", "php:*"]
        net.ipv4.ip_forward: "1"


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