(14:57:31) ge0ffrey: akostadinov:
(14:58:04) ge0ffrey: akostadinov: that generates with "rake clean build"
(14:58:20) ge0ffrey: akostadinov: bootstrap stuff is under the dir website IIRC
(14:58:34) ge0ffrey: akostadinov: and its hooked up in layouts_/base.haml IIRC

Congratulations! Your compass project has been created.

You may now add sass stylesheets to the stylesheets subdirectory of your project.

Sass files beginning with an underscore are called partials and won't be
compiled to CSS, but they can be imported into other sass stylesheets.

You can configure your project by editing the config.rb configuration file.

You must compile your sass stylesheets into CSS when they change.
This can be done in one of the following ways:
  1. To compile on demand:
     compass compile [path/to/project]
  2. To monitor your project for changes and automatically recompile:
     compass watch [path/to/project]

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  * Website:
  * Sass:
  * Community: