7f8c169 New version 34.15-1

Authored and Committed by m4rtink 2 years ago
    New version 34.15-1
    - Drop old WiFi & geocoding based geolocation support (mkolman)
    - Add bot PR comment to run kickstart tests (mpitt)
    - Migrate Anaconda daily COPR builds to Packit (jkonecny)
    - Fix missing inst. prefixes for bootloader options in documentation (jkonecny)
    - network: make generating of kickstart more robust (#1897832) (rvykydal)
    - Fixup category sorting (mkolman)
    - Place the user tasks into the right task queue (rvykydal)
    - Lower geolocation connection timeout to 5 seconds (#1774873) (mkolman)
    - Remove unused hubQ messages (vponcova)
    - Remove the justUpdate argument (vponcova)
    - Don't run the execute method in the kickstart installation in GUI by default
    - Don't use an empty string as a system root (vponcova)
    - Fix logs from the get_os_release_value function (vponcova)
    - Don't enter spokes after we leave the Summary hub (vponcova)
    - network: rename Gtk cell renderer to prevent name collision (rvykydal)
    - network: add unit tests for SecretsAgent (rvykydal)
    - network: make SecretAgentDialog a bit more robust (rvykydal)
    - network: move wireless secret agent bits into a separate file (rvykydal)
    - Fix the logic for enabling latest updates (vponcova)
    - Add better explanation what the `make admin user` means (#1803251) (jkonecny)
    - Define the updates repositories in the Anaconda configuration files
      (#1642513) (vponcova)
    - Migrate User spoke glade file to 3.38 version (jkonecny)
    - network: migrate SecretAgent from python-dbus to dasbus (rvykydal)
    - Translate spoke category title directly at runtime (mkolman)
    - Add description and links for bug keyword searches (vslavik)
    - Apply pylint excessive memory usage fix (mpitt)
    - Set shorter workflow timeouts (mpitt)
    - Fix issue when ns_info cannot be retrieved for NVDimm namespace (jkonecny)
    - Allow encryption of thin logical volumes (vponcova)
    - Fix error in initrd: shift count out of range (honza.stodola)
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