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XML based framework for anaconda dogtail testing.
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Framework for (not only) anaconda GUI testing.

Manual howto

Make sure all the submodules are cloned and updated

$ git submodule update --init

Prepare updates.img containing anabot:

$ ./ ~/public_html/anabot.tar.gz

If the updates.img is going to be used in beaker task:

$ ./ ~/public_html/anabot.tar.gz

Prepare anabot recipe (xml) and make it available on http/ftp. There are some examples in git.

Manual test: start anaconda with prepared anabot.img. Append on kernel cmdline:

inst.updates= anabot= inst.graphical console=ttyS0

Anabot is started automatically via systemd. You can observe output of anabot using journalctl:

$ journalctl -fu anabot-prepare
$ journalctl -fu anabot

To pause execution of anabot installation use <debug_stop /> tag in your recipe. To resume installation, touch /var/run/anabot/resume file.

Beaker job

For beaker job, all you need to do, is use /anaconda/interactive/anabot7 task. This task accepts following test params: * BRANCH (optional) * ANABOT_RECIPE_URL (mandatory) * INSTALL_BEAKERLIB (optional)

BRANCH lets you choose image built by automation from different branch then master. There's also TARGET_BRANCH for pull requests where TARGET_BRANCH specifies to which branch the pull request should be merged.

ANABOT_RECIPE_URL is mandatory and points to desired anabot recipe, e.g.

INSTALL_BEAKERLIB specifies, if beakerlib should be installed after the installation is complete. This may be required for other tests to run after anabot task is complete. Beakerlib is installed, if the value is not equal 0. Default is 0.