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LinuxFest NorthWest 2014 will be April 26-27.
Three sponsorship levels are available:
Silver, $500 gets 6 foot table, display on sponsors banner, and 3 lunches+shirts.
Gold, $1000 get 10 foot table, plus Saturday Reception Recognition, 4 lunches+shirts, and 1/4 page brochure space.
Platinum, $2000 get 10 foot table, plus Name on a Conference Room, 6 lunches+shirts, and a full page brochure space.

Last year we took a Silver sponsorship.


I set up an events page:

but I have not updated the main events page because it is a mess. Years go bottom to top but quarters go top to bottom. And it looks like 2014 isn't listed yet.

I am not sure if I can attend the next meeting (2/26 0200 UTC). But I will be at LFNW 2014 and will run the table both days, except for the short time when I might be giving a talk.

Per meeting please see how Robyn wants to handle this.

ParadoxGuitarist to discuss logitics regarding the eventbox for this.

jsandys spoke with rbergeron who informed him that Joe Brockmeier of Red Hat wants to split the gold ($2000) sponsorship (with Fedora).

We agreed in the meeting to become a platinum sponsor of LFNW, as long as it costs us $1000.

Bill Wright, LFNW organizer says:
"""...Red Hat purchased a Gold Sponsorship and the Friday Night Board Game event with the condition that we reserve a separate table space for you which we have done.

What we need from you (Fedora) is to apply for a Community Supporter Sponsorship..."""

So I submitted a community supporter sponsorship request.

Now I need to work with Bill and Joe to see that the Fedora name gets highlighted at the game night or on the program.

I sent a draft letter about the LFNW sponsorship to Joe and Robyn. It basically states that Red Hat and Fedora are sponsoring LFNW, and Red Hat gets a 10' table and Banner Logo recognition while Fedora gets a 6' table and "Fedora" Friday Board Game night recognition.

I will be at the booth both days except when I deliver my session (on Sunday?) and will take responsibility for setting up the booth Friday.



We will be shipping 50 decks of playing cards your way for LFNW.

Can you please provide us with name/address to ship them to?

I still need an address to ship the event box to you. Sooner the better so we can get you replacements if anything goes missing or gets damaged. ^_^

Replying to [comment:10 paradoxguitarist]:

I still need an address to ship the event box to you. Sooner the better so we can get you replacements if anything goes missing or gets damaged. ^_^

Please sent event box and swag for LFNW to:

Jeff Sandys
1305 NW 201 St
Shoreline, WA 98177

home phone 206-546-8507

I will be driving up Friday so it needs to arrive by Thursday April 24th.
I will be staying at the Hampton Inn.
My cell phone number is 206-859-1695, text me as I ignore calls from unknown numbers.

LFNW gets many families so stickers, tattoos and balloons are nice.
Tech types like the keyboard stickers (to cover the windows icon) and case badges.
Everyone likes the buttons, pens and shirts.
If I find the time I'll print some 3/8 diameter fedora stickers for badges.

I have two OLPCs and a small E350 computer with a 22" monitor to showoff fedora.
And I will have some music gear, my laptop for my talk and a Raspberry Pi.

Jeff Sandys

RE: Banner
Joe says to contact Ruthie(?) if we need a banner made.
It would be nice to have a banner at the game night.
-- Jeff Sandys

"Ruth" ;-)

Actually - I can handle that, I just need to know if we can't find the remaining banner - and (maybe) the artwork to create it.

What we need for this event:
1) Box
2) Banners if possible
3) Tablecloth if possible
4) Playing cards
5) Ad from design team

Shipping label sent.

Tracking number: 1Z9W2V650397485470

I'm shipping the box now Here's the contents:

250 Fedora 20 Multi Desktop disks
500 Fedora Stickers
80 Fedora Pencils
80 Fedora Pens
11 TShirts (mix of Black and Blue sorry, not a lot of medium sizes and no small in stock)
3 Fedora hats (ball cap style)
125 Fedora Icon Foils (to replace the windows stickers on laptops)
10 2GB fedora USB drives (I think you'll need to go through these and put fedora 20 on them)

I pre cut the foils, packaged the CDs in packets of 25, stickers in groups of 50, pens and pencils in groups of 20 (respectively) so you can gauge how quickly you're going through stuff. Feel free to get rid of everything. =) I'll get with you to get the box back at the end of the event, and with luck there will be room if we find/get the table cloth.

Nick has gotten playing cards. We will work to get them over to you.

hope everything went well with the event, please give us an update if you have one

Linuxfest Northwest was excellent. My first blog report is here:

The larger hall held more people with less crowding so there was a constant flow of people by the table. Clover Park Technical College had a contingent of Fedora users on Saturday who were excited to visit our table. But with the large volume of people we really needed more workers to manage the table, so that we could take a break and attend some of the talks.

We gave away all the media and about half the stickers. There are a few packs of cards, one shirt, two hats, some pens and pencils, and most of the live usb sticks. I put live desktop (gnome) x64_86 on most of the sticks and Jam-kde on 2, and gave away 2 Sugar on a Stick usb thumb drives to teachers who were interested in the XOs.

Where do I send the box with the remaining swag?


I should have a shipping label for you in a few hours when vwbusguy creates one. =) Glad to hear things went well!

Got the box back, I think this is ready to be closed.

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