#199 Are there any Fedora ambassador plans for the Ohio LinuxFest?
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Hi there,

I am reaching out to see if any ambassador actives are in the works for the Ohio LinuxFest: October 12 and 13. As far as I can tell, no plans have been made as of yet. No events are on the calendar for q3. As a side note, the CentOS community is holding a table.

It is not too late for Fedora to be involved. Please let me know if I can help.

Since I am so involved at the show at large, here is what I am willing to do.

  1. Host a general Fedora Birds of a Feather.
  2. Host a women's dinner or other social gathering in the name of the Fedora Project.
  3. Be responsible for the event box and make sure that it gets to the table, should Fedora have one.
  4. Ship the event box to the next destination.

To make a table possible, I would need at least two other Ambassadors to agree to staff the table. I cannot volunteer any time to staff the table myself. If it is just me, I am volunteering to to hold two Fedora social events.

What / How much
Travel for me $0
Travel for ambassador 1 TBD
Travel for ambassador 2 TBD
Shipping and Handling of the event box $50
Light refreshments for a Fedora BoF $100
refreshments for a Fedora women's activity $150
table fee $100

Please keep me posted on how best to get this conversation going. I figured that this ticket is a good place to start.

Beth Lynn Eicher

@bethlynn NA currently is out of funds and the travel piece is difficult for me since the way business is conducted through the approval process there was no one locally available. We had discussed this and decided not to attend because of funding and timing. The travel cost that include lodging would be $800 for myself, that is more than the budget would allow. As for the other person who usually attends would be about $500 maybe six.The processes have changed drastically in how we as ambassadors attend events and how the process getting them approved has changed. We are unhappy in the fact that we have support the event in the many past years that unfortunately those that have attended in the past cannot this year.

Thanks for the reply. A table is completely out then. I'm sad that you will not be able to personally make it. Here's to hoping that 2018 is better.

I have responded on-list regarding support for the women's event via the Women's Day initiative. If it is too late, then at least I tried.

My offer still stands to hold a general Birds of a Feather in the name of the Fedora Project. All I ask is that the event box is sent my way and that a prepaid shipping label included.

I believe we should at a minimum support the BoF event by shipping the event box. As for budget, mindshare can be asked for budget on this event. They will want to know the costs and what we hope to accomplish by talking to this set of attendees.

I think supporting the BoF and asking CentOS to put some of our swag out (or joining them for a bit) is a reasonable compromise if we don't want to get a larger budget approval.

@award3535 Yes, NA is out of funds, for that matter, most all of the regions are out of funds (under the old procedure), but that does not mean that NA ambassadors can't do anything. We have plenty of budget left. The new procedure is to file a ticket on the mindshare pagure asking for budget. I know we haven't documented that well yet, but we are working on that.

NA won't be getting more funds, as the way to request budget now is to go through mindshare. We are not assigning funds to each region anymore.

@bethlynn I would love to attend but October is way too busy for me. Maybe next year. I do really want to go to OLF sometime.

@bex is trying to make arrangements to send Fedora women's day stickers.

Did we ever decide if we are sending the event box with a return ship label?

If so, please send for Thursday 10/10 arrival to

RE: Fedora Project
Ohio LinuxFest Corporation
1601 West Fifth Avenue Ste 600
Columbus, Ohio 43212

@bethlynn I was planning on sending some swag to Rich Bowen from CentOS to have at their table. I can send a larger amount so that there is some for the BoF as well, or I can ship some to you directly.

The event box generally has booth supplies such as a demo laptop, OLPC XO-1, a wifi router, etc, it doesn't have much swag in it. Would that be helpful at your BoF? I don't have a banner or Fedora tablecloth, @jbwillia has that if you are wanting it

Thanks everyone.

@bex has made arrangements for the Women's materials to ship to arrive in time for the BOF.

I look forward to sharing the general Fedora materials with Rich.

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