#195 Partial travel funding request for Justin W. Flory (jflory7) - OSCAL 2018
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Originally discussed in ambassadors-emea/funding_requests#60.

I am requesting $370 USD in travel funding to speak at OSCAL 2018 in Tirana, Albania from May 19-20; the EMEA Ambassadors reviewed my ticket and approved 2/3 of my budget request and asked me to request the remaining third from NA.

I am delivering two sessions: Open Source 101 and a Fedora meet-up. More details about the goals and impact are in ambassadors-emea/funding_requests#60.

If more information is needed, please let me know. Thank you!

I was unable to make the meeting last Thursday – was this ticket reviewed?

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@jflory7 this is not a North America event, but my only question is why are we in NA funding (partially) a EMEA event. Understand that you are a FAmNA member, so is this a request for us to put up 1/3 of the bill? I cannot vote positively for an event that is not in NA. I believe that if you are attending an EMEA event that the funding should come from their budget, and this would not be an issue if we were already on the mindshare voting process.

I requested partial funding to fulfill my speaking and community meet-up at the OSCAL 2018 conference.

I applied to this conference because I attended last year and had experience with the audience I was presenting to. I tailored my content for who I was presenting with to make a bigger impact. The audience is at a beginner level and mostly consists of students, an audience I am more familiar with. My presentation builds a foundation and understanding around open source and then walks through the Fedora community and different ways to begin an experience contributing to the Fedora Project as a new contributor. During the event, I am working with other contributors to run a "contribution challenge", where attendees can make any contribution to a Fedora sub-project and receive a badge for their contribution (if this works well, it's something I'd also like to replicate in Fedora).

I made the request to FAmNA because I am based in the US. The travel was more expensive, but the EMEA Ambassadors approved a majority of the costs. Other regions have partially funded Ambassadors to travel to events in other regions before (like this past February with the FOSDEM conference). I hoped to attend this conference because I felt this is an audience where my skills and abilities as a Fedora contributor will have a positive impact for the local community and for the Fedora Project (this is explained more in the EMEA request ticket).

Even if the event is not in North America, it is my hope that funding for travel and events focuses on impact and availability of people instead of geographic limitations. I applied to this conference because I felt like it was a good way to apply my skills and interests as an open source contributor and as a Fedora community member.

I am still planning to attend this event and I would still like my request to be considered. Is there a precedent or defined rule in FAmNA about scenarios like this one?

@jflory7 please don't take this personally, who funded the trip last year? NA did not. You will have to prove to NA what benefit would it be to NA if we sent you there, How would the Group Benefit. The entire cost of your plane ticket exceeds what we will spend on LFNW and Self combined. This makes me question what is really important to NA and how we conduct business. Current rules would have you pay for the ticket up front and get reimbursed. The new M/S rules also would not prepay that same or at least I think that is what was put out. You may have to pay for that remainder of the cost and get reimbursed. The Next FAmNA meeting is not until the 24th of May where you would need to get 5 votes to spend money.

How NA wishes to allocate its funding to better the project is a decision for NA. I do think that @award3535 got it right in saying that in a Mindshare vote, regionality has less importance than value to the project overall. I hope that NA will consider these wise words when voting on this ticket and determine if this is a good use of funds for the project. We want to do the maximum impact. If this is a case where impact is achieved by sending someone from out of region, let's support it.

I have seen several examples in regions other than NA where it was deemed important to send people across regions because of the knowledge or expertise they provided or in some cases to help groups that don't have funding directly get the "missing person" together for a meeting.

Bez answered what was on my mind. If our region has a subject matter expert (SME) values by another, wouldn't it be a good thing to support the SME?

if we see an event page for this i would be more supportive of this

@jflory7 prior to me being able to reimburse you for the travel you will need to complete the following in accordance with the current FAmNA guidelines by creating the event page (does not need to be elaborate), complete the event report, link the report to the event page and email the event report link or report itself to the ambassadors list. FAmNA would be more than happy to reimburse you once the current rules for events have been completed.

@jflory7 I will also need the receipt on the FAmNA request page that did not get paid.

I forgot to link the event wiki page before in this ticket. You can find it here:


I am working on my event report draft this week. I'll add a link and share it on the mailing list once I have it completed. Thank you for considering my funding request.

@jflory7 I will need receipt for the travel showing what part we need to pay

@award3535 All of the receipts are uploaded to the private reimbursement ticket, fedora-budget#56. I only have receipts for the total costs incurred. Hopefully @bex can advise on how to handle the bookkeeping for the splitting of costs between regions.

I'll handle the processing on this one as it is complicated.

It will not happen, most likely, before next week.

@bex Thanks – this is fine for me. I'll close this ticket out and we can process it in the fedora-budget ticket.

For what it's worth, the event report is published here:


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